Photographer, wife, mother, lover of all things outdoors.

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Hello, I’m Jennifer.

I picked up my first camera at the age of 8 and never put it down. In fact, I’ve been working as a professional wedding photographer in Baltimore, MD since 2007.

I’ve always been drawn to photographing people and, oddly enough, I never really saw the appeal in photographing ‘things’. I just never understood nature photography. I would think “why would I want to take a picture of a flower?” That just didn’t make sense to me. Flowers don’t show emotion and, to me, photography has always been about capturing emotion.

So it wasn’t until the 2020 pandemic forced me to take a break from photographing people, that I was able to find the joy in photographing things. Turns out, I find photographing flowers (and spiders, and lots of other tiny things) to be a lot of fun. Go figure.

I still love photographing people, but now I definitely appreciate the joy in photographing nature. And so, this is a space to share some of the things I’ve photographed.

For information on wedding photography, please visit JenniferSmutek.com